Bags of favourites:   £6 each

Salted Caramel, Raspberry Dollops, Honeycomb, Mint Discs, Crystallised Ginger, Orangettes, Quince, Praline, Hazelnut clusters 

Christmas Boxes:  

Christmas selection box: Small £10, Large £18.50 

A selection of favourites and seasonal chocolates.

For example:  Salted Caramel, Baileys truffle, spiced date truffle, damson gin dome, quince, orangettes,  heart mendiants with toasted almonds and raspberry, honeycomb, raspberry dollop, hazelnut praline

Truffle boxes:  12 pieces £109, 24 pieces £18.50

Mixed truffles: flavours such as damson port, Baileys, spiced date, limoncello, kirsch cherry, champagne.

Single flavour boxes

Boxes of decorated salted caramel: Small (12 pieces) £10, big (24 pieces) £18.50

Rose and violet creams


Postage and packing from £4.00